Digital Marketing is changing time over time. Many business entities are now focusing on the internet to market and sell their products. There are more products published and advertised every second by businesses across the world. The more the increase, the higher the competition. This leaves the businesses with no other option but to innovate and improve their competitive advantages. Search engine optimization has now become the trend for every business that wants to succeed. Search engine Optimization is the process of ensuring that your products appear on the front pages of the search engine when anyone searches for information which is relevant to the products that you are offering. Search engine optimization(SEO) gives the following benefits to digital marketing.

i.                    Increased Traffic

Every page that appears on top of the search engine stands a greater chance to be clicked and visited. This means SEO gives your content a chance to get many clicks leading to a significant traffic to your website. To receive higher relevant traffic, you need to have content that is relevant and informative as per the products and services that you are offering. This will increase the conversion rate of the visitors on your page. SEO will bring the traffic to your site but ensure the traffic finds the information, services or products that they are looking for.

ii.                  Increased Site Usability

SEO makes it easier for search engines to navigate through your website. This makes it friendly to use. The user finds out information, services or products that you are offering quickly. There is also a high chance for the users to refer friends to the site. The return level of the visitors is also high.

iii.                Cost-effectiveness

SEO only targets the audience that is actively looking for the services and products that you are offering. This saves money on an advertisement. Compared to other strategies of marketing the conversion rate is high. This is because products that appear on top of search engine pages have higher chances of been bought. The cost incurred is therefore recovered.

iv.                Brand Awareness

Appearing on top of search engine pages, your products reach many people. Its impressive to the people who are searching the internet. There are high chances many people will be tempted to click even if it doesn’t serve their need at that moment. Many people get to know your products exist. Appearing on the top pages also creates trust with the audience. They share your products to their connections. The more your site continue being on the front page is, the more you will be known by many potential customers.

Everything on the internet now is available on search engines. Unfortunately, no one has the time to keep on browsing from page to page. Everybody only looks at the results on top of the page and ignores the rest. Therefore, it’s the responsibility of every marketer to ensure that their content and products appear on the front page of the search engines.

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