4 SEO Myths you should Shake Off in 2020

There’s no doubt SEO has evolved and changed a lot over the years. Business owners and marketing experts have no option than to educate themselves about each update search engine makes and adapt their SEO strategy accordingly. You need to commit yourself to quality and have a close eye for you to maintain an effective SEO strategy. Many markets and business owners today aren’t sure what’s important and what’s no longer working. Luckily, this article will point out the SEO myths you should leave in 2020. If you ever need help with your CT SEO needs check out Rossi Marketing an industry leader.

Myth 1- SEO is a One-Time Effort

It’s not uncommon for marketers and business owners to halt their SEO campaign after running it for a month with no positive results. Some decide to halt their SEO campaign as soon as they start seeing positive outcomes within the same period. The assumption in both situations is that SEO is one-time effort. 

The truth is that SEO isn’t some magic technique that swirls once and everything is done. Understand that SEO is a never-ending process that requires time and involves planning, hard work, and strategies. Keep in mind that search engines, like Google, are always updating their search results algorithm to ensure users have the best experience possible. You should, therefore, make sure you’re educating yourself and staying up-to-date since SEO isn’t a onetime only task. 

Myth 2- SEO is dead

It’s really annoying to hear a business owner say ‘SEO is dead’ yet they’re losing hundreds of thousands in sales to the competition. Perhaps you didn’t have a successful SEO strategy for your marketing campaign and didn’t get the results you expected. However, that doesn’t mean SEO is dead. SEO will stay alive as long as Google and other search engines exist. In fact, SEO is just evolving as search engines keep updating their search results algorithms. To succeed, you must drop all the old and obsolete SEO tactics and adopt up-to-date techniques that are effective at delivering results. 

Myth 3- Having a Secure Website Isn’t the Important

Websites that use SSL encryption usually receive a greater bouncing rate and a minor ranking boost from search engines like Google. Today’s digital space is full of malicious cyber intruders who are willing and ready to exploit every unprotected resource they can find online. Why wouldn’t you want to equip your website with a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)? It’s important that you make the move to HTTPS. 

Myth 4- SEO is all About Ranking

Studies show that internet users prefer mostly the top listings in the search engine result pages. Ranking at the top of SERPs is a good thing but doesn’t guarantee success. It’s possible to rank well for a keyword phrase, attract loads of web traffic, but now make a single penny from the traffic. The fact that your website receives high search traffic doesn’t mean you’ll get higher click-through rates. First, you must choose the right keywords for your business and create high-quality, valuable, and relevant content. Your Meta descriptions and titles should be appealing to users as well. You should create an SEO strategy with a focus on relevancy. 

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