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We are a collection of writers who are passionate about the Internet. This is our public blog where we share our writings. Mostly, we will be providing articles about a vast array of topics, from pop culture to personal finance. All our posts only have one thing in common: We try to help our readers stay informed and make good decisions for their lives. Some of the topics we intend to address in the near future are listed below.


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Good health is absolutely essential to leading a good life. Unfortunately, our fast-paced lives often lead us to make poor choices. Take fast food, for example. We all know it's bad for us, but sometimes we just need food quickly, and we can't say no to the convenience of fast food. Yet, such habits can be destructive for our physical well-being. Fast food contains high fat, high sodium, and high sugar. It's like hitting the trifecta of foods that are harmful to you in the long run. In addition to not having an ideal diet, many of us also do not get the amount of exercise our body needs.

We will talk not just about diet, but things like vitamins (are they really safe?) and supplements. Fortunately, becoming healthy is not as difficult as many people think. It just takes some discipline and willpower, and of course, a plan.

Stay tuned for quick tips on how to stay healthy.


Culture is one of the most important things that define us. Whether it's the music you listen to, the movies you watch, or the video games you play, almost everything we do ties into our culture in one way or another. With this in mind, we will be talking about things that happen in popular culture that may be of interest to you.


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There is no question that American is a consumer-centered society. U.S. consumers spend billions of dollars each month purchasing products and services, and many of these products are bought over the Internet. Considering how much money we spend on shopping, it pays (literally) to become a smart shopper. Unfortunately, most of us shop without much of a plan and buy whatever appeals to us. This type of behavior leads to credit card debt and other financial issues.

Becoming a smart shopper boils down to getting the best deals possible (thereby saving money) and not living beyond your means (proper budgeting). These skills aren't learned overnight, but the good news is that you can take baby steps. We will be providing simple techniques you can employ to slowly turn yourself into a savvy web consumer.

We recommend buying things online whenever possible, since the Internet is the easiest place to find good deals. This is true for almost everything you buy, including products like vitamins or online software. You can search prices on hundreds of websites by using various web tools. On top of that, the web is full of special offers and online coupons. By becoming a regular web shopper, you could easily save hundreds or even thousands of dollars each and every year. To get started on your journey to becoming a smart shopper, check out this article on US News.


Too many people are single these days. Part of it has to do with the modern lifestyle. In fact, birth rates among industrialized countries are falling to all-time lows. But an active, healthy love life is an integral component to having a good life. There is no way around this. And because of this, we offer tips to single men and women about how they can jumpstart their love life.

They key may be to get involved with online dating or other "new" methods of meeting single people in your area. We will be offering deals for online dating sites as well as free trials, so you can quickly find the dating site that will help you find what you're looking for.

As you can see, our site is quite eclectic. We cover any topic that we think can help you lead a better, more fruitful life. If you have any topics you would like us to address on our site, do not hesitate to get in touch with us by using the contact form on our site.

Improve Your Health With White Cloud E-cigarettes

It's frequently said that the two pillars of good health are diet and exercise. This may be true for most people, however, if you smoke, quitting this damaging habit should be on the top of your list. It's well-known that smoking can lead to all kinds of health issues, most notably cancer.

With that said, quitting smoking is undeniably a very difficult thing to do. For years, people have tried everything from quitting cold turkey to even using prescription medications such as Wellbutrin and Chantix. Despite all the tools on the market to help people give up smoking, it's clear that many people continue to be addicted.

Enter White Cloud e-cigarettes. The beauty of e-cigs is that it does not force you to quite using nicotine. Instead, you simply switch to using a device that is far less harmful than traditional smoking. This makes it easy for most people to make the switch, since their nicotine cravings will continue to be satisfied by the use of e-cigs. On the other hand, they will stop inhaling smoke and tar, and overall, they will enjoy better health as a result of making this switch.

Not everyone likes e-cigarettes, but many people are able to successfully give up smoking by using them. I recommend trying out White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes, as they are simple to use and resemble regular cigarettes. They are also quite cheap, especially if you take advantage of online coupons for White Cloud, which you can get from e-cig coupon sites like E-cigbargains.com. You will therefore feel that the transition is smooth and natural.

Ultimately, it would be best for you not to use any nicotine products at all. But if you've struggle with quitting smoking, a good interim solution for you may be to switch over to using a simple e-cigarette such as White Cloud.

If you are a health conscious individual, make sure you also check out my vitamin article, where I talk about the vitamins I take and how they have helped me.

Use Printplace Coupons for Cheaper Printing Options

printplace printing serviceMore and more, marketing is moving into the digital world. But even so, there are still quite a few things that businesses will need to print for the time being. There is no way around this fact. The most obvious example of a printed product every business needs is business cards. Depending on the type of business you run, you may also need things like posters, postcards, brochures, banners, and other products.

Going to offline printing companies like FedEx Kinkos is one option that many small businesses take advantage of. While using such companies can be highly convenient, I have found that the best deals are fount online, from companies like Printplace. This is advantageous to you for two reasons. First, you get professional, high quality printing at a very competitive price. Second, you can get Printplace coupons online which will allow you to save 10% or more on a variety of printed products.

Other convenient things about ordering your printing from online companies are that you can upload artwork online and view proofs almost instantly. Approving the proof is similarly a simple process that only requires you to click a button. What could be more simple than that?

So how can you got about finding Printplace coupons or similar deals for online printing? The easiest way is to search for them online. Alternatively, you may already be aware of printing information sites like Hotprintingdeals.com, which also offers a number of coupons for top printing companies. Ironically, going to a print shop's website directly does not always allow you to find a coupon.

Along with Printplace, other top printing companies you may want to consider include Overnight Prints, 48hourprint, Vistaprint, and Uprinting. You won't go wrong using any of these companies, and I usually pick the one that has the best discounts at any given time.

Getting Cheap Inkjet Cartridges

In my last post, I talked about how to get printing services cheaply using Printplace. Today, I'd like to stay on the topic of printing, but I'll be talking instead about the printing you do yourself.

deals from inkjetsuperstoreThe key to doing quality printing on your own is to get a good quality printer. Almost everything will depend on this crucial step. Therefore, make sure you do plenty of research before deciding on which brand and model to buy. One good site to visit during your research is cnet, which has reviews of hundreds of printers. These professional reviews should give you a good idea of which printer models are the top ones you should consider. However, don't just rely on professional reviews. One of the great things about the web is that you can also get feedback from everyday users. The best site to read reviews written by consumers is unquestionably Amazon. I like to filter printer results by their rating, then go down the list and see which printers meet your needs. Not all reviews are unbiased, so take the overly positive or negative reviews with a grain of salt. Instead, try to get a consensus view by skimming through at least 3 or 4 reviews before forming an opinion about a certain printer.

Once you purchase a printer, it doesn't end there. You'll soon notice that the cost of ink cartridges can be rather high. One method I use to get inexpensive ink cartridges is by purchasing them over the Internet from quality stores such as Inkfarm, where I can usually find plenty of coupons. (For example, I used these Inkfarm Coupon Codes from Inkjetprinterdiscounts, on a recent purchase I made.) Buying online also allows you to do a bit of comparison shopping. Don't skip this step, because there can be quite a difference on how much different vendors charge for the same printer ink cartridge. As much as possible, try to take advantage of any special promotions, discounts, or coupons that are available at the time. If there is a sale or discount, it's a good idea to stock up on ink by buying a large quantity. Ink is not a perishable good, so it makes sense to buy as much as possible when you encounter a low price.

Buying a printer can be an involved process, but if you follow the steps on this page, you should be able to find a good model that fits your need. Once you have a good printer, make sure you buy your cartridges online to take advantage of the best deals possible. There are dozens of ink stores on the Internet, by I myself like to stick to the more well-known and reputable stores such as Inkjetsuperstore, 4inkjets, and Supplies Outlet.

Discounted Contact Lenses Are Easy to Find Online

How contact lenses workThe cost of contact lenses has come down over the years, thanks in large part to the Internet. Consumers have ended up being the winners, as they can now get contact lenses cheaply by using Lens.com Coupons or other promotional offers that are available all over the Internet.

One of the secrets of getting cheap contact lenses is to purchase them from online stores. These stores will allow you to place orders for any brand of contact lens, so long as you have your prescription information handy. Typically, the online stores will call your doctor's office to confirm the prescription, then send out the order within a couple days. Therefore, if you order a week or two before you run out of contact lenses, you will be sure to receive your new box(es) of lenses in time.

While prices online on the whole are low, you should still do some price comparisons. I have some of the top discount contact lens stores bookmarked, and check the prices at each of them before I place an order. When you do this, be certain to include any price breaks or discounts you will get as a result of using any special promotions or coupon codes that are available at that time. By doing this, I was able to take advantage of some Lens.com promotional codes a few weeks back. This is the best way to save money on your contact lenses.

Sometimes, people will use their contact lenses longer than the recommended time period in an effort to save some money. While this is a tempting thing to do, it is not a very good idea in the long run. Bacteria and other debris can build up on your lenses over time, and therefore you should discard your lenses at the appropriate time. For most lenses, this will be biweekly or monthly. The best way to remember when to replace your lenses is to mark your calendar. I started doing this recently and it has helped me a lot. Before, I frequently forgot to replace my lenses and found myself habitually wearing them longer than recommended. That no longer happens, now that I have incorporated reminders into my calendar.

My Favorite Vitamins & Supplements

Many people just take a multivitamin and assume they are covered in terms of all the nutrients they need. But this is not always the case. While taking a multivitamin is definitely better than doing nothing, I always like to create a more personalized supplementation plan. This plan should be tweaked according to what your individual needs are. Below are some of my favorite supplements, which you may want to consider taking as well.

1. Magnesium
Most people do not get enough magnesium. After I started supplementing with a good quality magnesium sold at Pureformulas, I noticed my mood has stabilized and I seem to have more energy. Make sure you get magnesium citrate or chelated magnesium, since those are the versions of magnesium that are most easily absorbed by the body.

2. Vitamin D
This is another vitamin that many people lack. The easiest way to determine if you are getting enough Vitamin D is to do a blood test at your doctor's office. My levels were extremely low, but after supplementing with Vitamin D for a few months, they shot right back up. I've noticed my skin and overall health seemed to improve as well. While not everyone may agree with me, I heard D3 (instead of D2) is the more effective type. That is what I took to get my results.

3. Calcium
For reasons I won't go into in this article, I generally avoid dairy. But I still need my calcium, and the easiest way is to take supplements. The one problem with calcium is that the tablets usually need to be quite large if you want to get the required amount your body needs. Swallowing such large pills can be difficult, so I recommend getting the chewable kind of this supplement.

Of course, your needs may be quite different from mine, but I just wanted to make you aware of the supplements you may benefit from. For a more detailed view of which supplements you may want to consider, it may be smart to buy a book on the subject, or talk to a nutritionist. Much of what you need in terms of supplements will depend on the type of diet you have.

Whatever you do, don't go to local health stores like Vitamin Shoppe or Hi Health, because such stores will overcharge you. You can get the very same supplements online at good vitamin stores like Pureformulas. A lot of the time, you can also use a Pureformulas coupon to get extra discounts on certain items. I usually go to this link for a pureformulas coupon to find my online coupons for vitamins and minerals. This is a much better way to purchase vitamins and supplements in my opinion.

Quick Tips for Finding Love

woman writing dating profile

In a previous article, I talked about maintaining good health with vitamins. And while things like diet, nutrition, and exercise a vital for good health, one thing that is often overlooked is love. What most people don't seem to know is that having love in your life is actually good for you physically as well. Studies have shown that people who are happily married, for example, live longer lives compared to those who are single.

But finding love in the modern age is not always an easy thing. More than ever before, we live busy, hectic lives that don't leave much room for anything else. And technologies like cell phones and the Internet sometimes cause people to drift apart even further. So what is the best way to find love these days?

I may be a bit partial, but I believe the ideal answer is online dating. Not everyone has the time to engage in social activities that increase your chances of meeting eligible singles. For this reason, it becomes necessary to streamline your efforts and search for love in a more efficient manner. Dating sites like Match.com are a perfect solution, as everyone on such sites are already eligible singles. Sometimes it seems as if just about everyone is one at least one dating site. This is not far from the truth, as some studies have found that over 20% of the population has tried an online dating site at some point.

Another benefit of dating sites is that it allows you to take advantage of technology that may assist you in finding your ideal match. Years ago, eHarmony was the only dating site that offered matching algorithms designed to find the perfect match for you. But today, many other dating sites like Match.com also offer some form of matchmaking online. The best way to see how these systems work is by getting a Match.com free trial (which you can get at http://couponleaf.com/match-com-promo-free-trial/), or a free trial for another dating site.

Some people don't want to leave their fate up to a matching algorithm, and such people can search for other members on their own. You can filter the results based on just about any kind of criteria, such as location, gender, age, hobbies, etc. This allows you to quickly narrow down the field to only the people you are truly interested in.